Contact lenses online

Contact lenses online

Contact lens is one of the item which you can enjoy HUGE SAVING if you buy online, however, there are some points to take note of before buying them online. Please read carefully.

1) Contact lenses are considered medical devices to correct vision. Improper use of them may cause serious eye diseases.

Please consult your optometrist for proper eye check and recommendation before buying MORE supply online.

2) Do not order lenses which you have not tried before, as most online lenses company does not provide trial lenses for trying. Therefore only order lenses which you have tried and are comfortable with them.

3) Order MORE boxes at one time to save on shipping charges, e.g., 2 boxes and 6 boxes incurred the same amount of shipping charge.

4) For international delivery, duties and/or taxes are NOT included in the purchase price of your order. However,some country does not TAX if below certain value.

5) ALWAYS order from online store with return policy. That will safe-guard yourself from getting wrong or defective product.

6) Some importance value (usually found on side of the box) when placing order -prescription (e.g., -5.00 or 6.00 ) -base cure of lenses, B.C ( e.g., 8.6 or 9.0 etc) -diameter, DIA (e.g., 14.0 or 14.2 etc)

7) Order at least 1 month in advance to allow time for international delivery. Domestic delivery will be much faster.

Why Are Contact Lenses Cheaper Online?

Contact lenses online

According to a Major online contact lens retailer AC Lens, they are able offer such a low price because of their large purchasing power.Therefore they are able to negotiate the best possible pricing from contact lens manufacturers and distributors and pass those savings to their customer.